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For further help in choosing your attenuator value, see the Detailed Information Page.

V24 V24 level controls come with 0.5% precision SMD resistors already installed.
Part Number: V24 - (# of channels) - (value)   example: V24-2-50K  =  V24, Stereo, 50K
Stock Values:
Stock Resistor Type:
5K, 10K, 25K, 50K, 100K, and 250K
Mono, Stereo, Quad, 6-Channel
Precision 0.5% tolerance, 25ppm, 0805 size, low noise, THIN Film
Mono: $87
Stereo Mini-V
Stereo: $165
Quad Mini-V
Quad: $279
6-Channel Mini-V
6 Channel: $384

Note:  V24 printed circuit boards are round shaped, as shown above, except for the 5K value. The 5K value uses square shaped printed circuit boards as shown at right --->
Stereo Mini-V (square)
V24C -  (BLANK) Custom Stepped Attenuators:
Build your own custom 
stepped attenuators with 
Goldpoint V24C Custom
switches - it's easy!
23 resistors are installed per channel, each with one lead bent over. Use any brand of 1/4 watt or 1/2 watt resistors.
Click here for audio
taper resistor lists.
Mini-V Custom Switch
MVC with resistors

Blank Switch (no resistors installed) (You Install The Resistors)
Part Numbers and Prices:

V24C switches are blank.
(The "C" stands for Custom)
They DO NOT have 
resistors installed.

V24C-1 (mono)  $66
V24C-2 (stereo) $123
V24C-3 (3 section)$157
V24C-4 (quad) $191
V24C-6 (6-channel) $258
(above: Example of a typical 
stereo V24C Custom control 
with 1% Vishay-Dale RN60 
resistors installed by YOU.)
1.4" high x 1.5" wide 1.26" high x 1.65" wide
Both  designs allow installation of 1/4w and/or 1/2w size resistors.
V24C Custom stepped attenuators are blank stepped attenuator switches. Only these require you to purchase and install your own resistors. (All of our other stepped attenuators come with resistors pre-installed.)
Even though you can save money using these Mini-V Cistom units, we normally recommend you use our off-the-shelf Mini-V standard or V24s or V47s unless you really need a customized attenuator value or customized taper. 
Note: If you need a custom value or custom taper you can purchase our blank V24C custom switches, obtain your own resistors, and install them. It's easy to do. In some cases, we can help you figure out the resistor values you may need. This can be the least expensive way to get a high quality stepped attenuator.
Make any value or any audio, log, or linear taper stepped attenuator you want to anytime you want to. 
Make up your own resistor list or use one of our pre-determined audio taper lists. (Click here: resistor lists
Alternatively, make a linear taper control by dividing the total resistance you want by 23. 
Then choose the closest value off-the-shelf resistor you can find and solder one in each position. 
Example: 50K divided by 23 = 2.15K (or 2.21K)   [2.15K x 23 = 49.45K]  [2.21K x 23 = 50.83K]
However, for audio taper controls, we recommend that you use our standard V24 stepped attenuators:
-----1)  They are pre-built and use (sonically superior) 0.5%, low-noise, precision resistors.
-----2)  All the work is already done for you - no ordering parts or extra soldering, etc.
V47 V47 level controls come with 0.5% precision resistors already installed.
Part Number: V47 - (# of channels) - (value)   example: V47-2-50K  =  V47, Stereo, 50K
Stock Values:
Stock Resistor Type:
10K, 25K, 50K, 100K, and 250K 
Mono, Stereo, Quad, 6-Channel
Precision 0.5% tolerance, 25ppm, 0805 size, low noise, THIN Film
Although 24 positions is plenty for most applications, having 47 positions is desirable in some situations. The turning torque is smoother and the decibel step sizes are smaller.
The surface mounted resistors used on the Goldpoint V47s are 0.5% Nichrome THIN film with a thermal noise specification (TCR) of 25 PPM, same as on our V24s.

The V47s are 1.5dB per step.

(note: Our 10K value (only) is also available with a step size of 1dB.  add "-1dB" after part number.)
Size:     1.5" wide x 1.4" tall.  Also see stepped attenuator lengths.
Prices:     Mono = $130   Stereo = $246.     Quad = $416.
V47C -  (BLANK) Custom Stepped Attenuators:
These are 47 position blank stepped attenuator switches, and are designed for 1/4 watt through-hole resistors - which you must purchase elsewhere and install yourself. They are 1.35" wide x 1.3" tall.  See our 47-Position Resistor Lists here:
 Blank Mono Switch  P/N  V47C-1   -  price = $98.
 Blank Stereo Switch P/N  V47C-2   - price = $183.
 Blank Quad Switch P/N  V47C-4   - price = $285.
Please note that although you can ultimately save some money by installing your own resistors on our blank 47-position switches, it is a lot of work - and requires not only steady hands and a sharp soldering iron tip, but also a magnification station or magnification lamp of some kind. Therefore, instead of getting the V47C (Custom) blank switches, you may be better off simply purchasing our V47 (Standard) units (which come with precision SMD resistors pre-installed - and are fully tested).
Selector Switches
Selector Switch (one deck)
Selector Switch (two decks)
 1 Deck
2 Decks
1 Deck =   $75
2 Decks = $122
3 Decks = $158
4 Decks = $195
5 Decks = $232
6 Decks = $271
We have a web page which shows schematic diagrams for each type of switch we offer.
Click here or on the selector switch pictures above to see this and other related information.
More Example Part Numbers: 
1P-8T-1D =  1 Pole, 8 Positions, 1 Deck
2P-6T-1D =  2 Poles, 6 Positions, 1 Deck
3P-4T-1D =  3 Poles, 4 Positions, 1 Deck
4P-3T-1D=  4 Poles, 3 Positions, 1 Deck
2P-6T-2D =  4 Poles, 6 Positions, 2 Decks  (2 Poles per deck)
2P-5T-3D =  6 Poles, 5 Positions, 3 Decks  (2 Poles per deck)
4P-3T-4D = 16 Poles, 3 Positions, 4 Decks  (4 Poles per deck)
Goldpoint Passive Preamps
SA1: $344
SA1-47: $425
sets: 1 In/1 Out
SA2: $428
SA2-47: $509
RCA Input sets
SA4: $532
SA4-47: $613
4 RCA Input sets
SA4M: $564
SA4M-47: $645
Dual Mono - 4 RCA Input sets
Precision Balanced Level Controls
SA1X: $491
SA1X-47: $628
Balanced Stereo,
XLR sets: 1 In, 1 Out
SA2X-I: $616
SA2X-I-47: $753
Balanced Stereo,
XLR sets: 2 In, 1 Out
SA2XM-I: $688
SA2XM-I-47: $825
Balanced Dual Mono,
 XLR sets: 2 In, 1 Out

SA2X-O: $616
SA2X-O-47: $753
Balanced Stereo,
XLRsets: 1 In, 2 Out
SA2XM-O: $688
SA2XM-O-47: $825
Balanced Dual Mono,
XLR sets: 1 In, 2 Out
Input/Output Switching Controls, and Project Enclosures
EN1 and EN2  
SW4: $376
I/O Switching,
4 RCA Inputs or Outputs
SW2X-I: $397
Balanced Switching,
XLR sets: 2 In, 1 Out
Project Enclosures
EN1-A:  $44
EN1-B:  $56
EN1-C:  $68

SW2X-O: $397
Balanced Switching,
XLR sets: 1 In, 2 Out
EN2-A:  $50
EN2-B:  $63
EN2-C:  $75
Knobs for 6mm Shafts          Custom Machined (solid) Aluminum Knobs
These solid aluminum knobs were specially designed for Goldpoint stepped attenuators and selector switches (which have 6mm (.237") diameter shafts). If you want to use knobs which were designed for 1/4" shafts on Goldpoint stepped attenuators or selector switches, it is recommended that you wrap the shafts with a few layers of Kapton tape or common Scotch tape to ensure a properly centered fit.
Machined Aluminum Knobs
1.1" Diameter (K1.1)  $15
Part Number
Silver Satin
Silver Knurled
Black Satin
Black Knurled
1.25" Diameter (K1.25)  $17
Part Number
Silver Satin
Silver Knurled
Black Satin
Black Knurled
1.4" Diameter (K1.4)  $19
Part Number
Silver Satin
Silver Knurled
Black Satin
Black Knurled
Got Knobs?
Shaft Couplers  
Shaft Coupler
Need to mount your Stepped Attenuator or Selector Switch closer to the rear of your chassis?

Our custom machined shaft couplers are designed for 1/4" (.250") round shafts and will also work with 6mm (.237") shafts. Each has four set screws. They are finished in bright blue anodize.

Goldpoint part number SC1  - - - - - - - - -  $7
Panel Bearings:
1/4" aluminum rod is commonly available from many hardware stores. Here's one on-line source:  &  1/4" extruded aluminum rod

You will want to purchase a "panel bearing", (or "panel bushing") for use where your new 1/4" extended shaft goes through your front panel. 
Panel Bearing
Abbratron H. H. Smith      part number 119

Newark Electronics   part number 44F7417