The SA4 and SA4M Passive Preamps

Goldpoint SA4

Goldpoint SA4M

The Goldpoint SA4 (stereo) and SA4M (dual mono volume controls) easily out perform other 
passive preamplifiers. Along with superior clarity, transparency, and precision, they also provide 
the flexibility of a selectable Auxiliary Input/Output RCA jack set. 100% passive, they were 
designed to improve sound quality while replacing (often unnecessary) active preamplifiers.

No distortion is added to your signal path while performing level control. 
(Active preamps add in at least some distortion.)
4-position selector switch allows level control for multiple signal sources. 
Versatile AUX Input allows easy rewiring (two internal wire jumpers) for alternative preamp functions.
Goldpoint precision stepped attenuator for low noise and excellent channel-to-channel signal level matching.

Inside the SA4

Inside the SA4M
Volume Control:
  SA4 (stereo) and SA4M (dual mono): Goldpoint low-noise, precision Stereo 24 or 47 Position Stepped Attenuator.
Selector Switch:   Goldpoint 2P-4T-1D.
Inputs & Outputs:   Four sets of Stereo Inputs and one set of Outputs.

LINE IN 4 / AUX is easily configured for alternate use by re-positioning 2 internal wire jumpers.
     1) Fourth Line Input (factory default).
     2) Tape Output.
     3) Main Output #2.
Rear Panel RCA Jacks:  Gold-plated, heavy duty solid brass, right angle PC board style.
Wiring:  High grade, silver-plated copper, multi-stranded, with Teflon jacketing.
Chassis:  Aluminium clam-shell, 1/4" front and rear panels.
Dimensions:   2.3" Tall  x  6.2" Wide  x  7.0" Long
Weight: approx.: 1 3/4 lb.

Part Number Volume Control
SA4 Stereo 24-Position Stepped Attenuator
SA4-47Stereo 47-Position Stepped Attenuator$613
SA4M Dual Mono 24-Position Stepped Attenuators
SA4M-47Dual Mono 47-Position Stepped Attenuators$645

Note about our knob dial pattern: The Goldpoint SA box front panel dial pattern shows the numbers 0 to 23, with a dot in between each adjacent number. When a 24-position stepped attenuator is installed, each knob position points to a number. When a 47-position stepped attenuator is installed, each knob position points to a number then a dot, alternately.

EN1, EN2