The SA1X Precision Balanced Level Control

Goldpoint SA1X

The SA1X is a transparent sounding balanced stereo precision level control. 
It is commonly used between mixing consoles and amplified speakers. 
Pro Audio users typically rave about its clear sound quality. 
No distortion is added to your signal path while performing level control. 
(Active preamps add in at least some distortion.)
Goldpoint precision, 4-section (balanced stereo) Stepped Attenuator -
for low noise and excellent channel-to-channel signal level matching.
Ultimate sonic clarity and precision at a reasonable price.

Inside the SA1X

Level Control:  Goldpoint low-noise, precision Balanced Stereo 24 or 47 Position Stepped Attenuator.
Connectors:  One set of Inputs, one set of Outputs. Neutrik XLR, with gold-plated pins.
Wiring:  High grade, silver-plated copper, multi-stranded, with Teflon jacketing.
Chassis:  Aluminium clam-shell, 1/4" front and rear panels.
Dimensions:  Choices: (We will ship the 4.7" (normal width) unless you specically ask for the wider 6.2" width.)
Normal: 2.3" Tall  x  4.7" Wide  x  6.6" Long  (as shown above)
Wide:    2.3" Tall  x  6.2" Wide  x  6.6" Long
Weight:  approx.: 1 1/4 lb.
Part Number Level Control
SA1X Balanced Stereo 24-Position Stepped Attenuator - 4.7" wide
SA1X (wide)
Balanced Stereo 24-Position Stepped Attenuator - 6.2" wide $491
SA1X-47Balanced Stereo 47-Position Stepped Attenuator - 4.7" wide$628
SA1X-47 (wide)
Balanced Stereo 47-Position Stepped Attenuator - 6.2" wide $628

Note about our knob dial pattern: The Goldpoint SA box front panel dial pattern shows the numbers 0 to 23, with a dot in between each adjacent number. When a 24-position stepped attenuator is installed, each knob position points to a number. When a 47-position stepped attenuator is installed, each knob position points to a number then a dot, alternately.

EN1, EN2