Goldpoint Project Enclosures
EN1 Enclosure
The EN1
If you have a small project which needs and deserves a sturdy, nice looking enclosure, these attractive
and easy to work with enclosures may be just what you're looking for. They are essentially the same
enclosures as are used on the Goldpoint passive preamps - being made available for DIYers. 
EN2 Enclosure
The EN2

The Main Body is made from two 5 1/2" long aluminum extrusions. This "clam-shell" enclosure design has slots on the inner vertical walls so that printed circuit boards can be slid directly into them. They are either sand-blasted and black anodized - or spray painted with a durable textured black paint. Sturdy, black rubber feet (5/8" dia. x 3/8" tall) are securely fastened on the bottom with stainless steel screws.
Thick Panels are 1/4" (5mm) aluminum which overhang the main body extrusions by 0.50" (1.3mm) all the way around. They have been milled on the inside so that the usable areas are 1/16" (1.6mm) thick, allowing you to easily drill holes in them and attach connectors, LEDs, switches, etc. Only the perimeter edges remain the full 1/4" to give a luxurious, thick look.They have been sanded (grained) and black anodized. The thick panels attach with 1/2" long, 4-40 socket head cap screws. see sketch below:

The thick panels look like this as seen from the inside:
front panel (inside view)
Thin Panels are 1/16" (1.6mm), and their edges are flush with the main body extrusions (no overhang). They have also been grained and black anodized. These 1/16" panels attach with 1/2" pan head phillips screws.

1/4" (5mm) Thick Panel
 overhangs extrusion 0.050"
1/16" (1.6mm) Thin Panel
flush with extrusion

Enclosure Sizes:
The EN1 enclosure is  4 3/4" wide x ~ 6" long x ~ 2 3/8" tall (121mm x ~ 152mm x ~ 60mm)
The EN2 enclosure is  6 1/4" wide x ~ 6" long x ~ 2 3/8" tall (158mm x ~ 152mm x ~ 60mm)

Slide-In Printed Circuit Board Sizes:
There are two enclosure widths to choose from:

     The EN1 accepts 4.5" (114.4mm) wide pc boards.
You do not have to use PC Boards with these enclosures. If you do use PC Boards, they do not have to slide into the side wall channels. And you do not have to use standoffs either, of course.

     The EN2 accepts 6.0" (152.4mm) wide pc boards.
Part Number Description

EN1-A   Thin front and rear panels $44
  Thick front panel, thin rear panel
  Thick front and rear panels

EN2-A   Thin front and rear panels $50
  Thick front panel, thin rear panel
  Thick front and rear panels

EN1, EN2