The SW2X Balanced Stereo Input/Output Switching Controls

Goldpoint SW2X

Need to select from two Balanced Stereo Input Sources or select to two Balanced Stereo Output targets?
Your off-the-shelf solution is to use a Goldpoint Level Controls (tm) SW2X Input/Output Selector.

Examples of uses:
SW2X-I: (2 XLR Input Sets): You have two mixing boards and want to select which goes to your monitor speakers.
SW2X-O: (2 XLR Output Sets): You want to select which of two sets of monitor speakers to listen to.
Connectors: (Neutrik XLR, with gold-plated pins.)
     SW2X-I: Two 2 XLR Input sets, One Output set. 
     SW2X-O: Two 2 XLR Output sets, One Input set. 
                    (These are the same rear panels used on our SA2X Passive Preamps.)
Selector Switch: Goldpoint 4P-2T-1D
Wiring:  High grade, silver-plated copper, multi-stranded, with Teflon jacketing.
Chassis:  Aluminium clam-shell, 1/4" front and rear panels.
Dimensions:   2.3" Tall  x  6.2" Wide  x  7.0" Long
Weight: approx.: 1 1/4 lb.

Part Number Inputs and Outputs
SW2X-I 2 XLR Input Sets, 1 XLR Output Set
SW2X-O 2 XLR Output Sets, 1 XLR Input Set

EN1, EN2