How To Order

Step 1 Find Your Part Numbers and Prices

If you are going to need additional knobs - ORDER THEM NOW
to avoid having to make a second order later...

Step 2 Add Your Shipping Charges to Determine Your Total Price. 

Our Fat Rate shipping charges include Insurance costs - and are as low as possible. 
We also resent the shipping costs (generally high), especially International shipping!

Orders Within the United States:

If the amount of your order is $6 - $199, your shipping charge is $12.
If the amount of your order is $200 - $299, your shipping charge is $18.
If the amount of your order is $300 - $499, your shipping charge is $25.
If the amount of your order is $500 - $799, your shipping charge is $32.

 (only) California residents add 9.00% sales tax. (we know this is getting ridiculous!)

International Orders:

Light weight orders such as stepped attenuators - the shipping charge is $55. ($48. for Canada)
Heavier orders such as SA Passive Preamps - the shipping charge is $70. ($65. for Canada)
                     (The total shipping amount is higher when ordering multiple units, etc.)

Step 3 Decide How You Will Pay and Order   (see 2 Payment Methods below)

Simply e-mail us describing what you want.
We will e-mail you back (usually the same day) with your Total Price.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
If you know you are ready, tell us to email you a PayPal Invoice.
Be sure to tell us where you are located: which country or U.S. state.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Include your phone number - (especially International customers)

Call for more information - or to leave us a message. (Sunnyvale, California)
(408) 721-7102  If we are out, we will return your call as soon as possible.

All U.S. orders are shipped by U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail
with Delivery Confirmation. (typically 2 to 4 days to arrive to you).
- - - - - - - - - -
All International orders by U.S. Postal Service International Express Mail
(typically 4 to 6 days transit time)  Tracking numbers are supplied upon request.


Please do not ask us to lower the invoice amount shown to Customs - we cannot do that!
2 Payment 
Money Order 
(or Bank Check)
  PayPal - Now for most customers - worldwide.

Do Steps 1, 2, and 3 (at the top of this page)

PayPal is usually the easiest way to pay for your Goldpoint order.

We ship only to the address which appears in the PayPal Transaction.

Per PayPal policy, orders over $750 require Signature Confirmation

If you are ready, simply send us an email stating what you want to order.
We will send you a PayPal invoice ASAP.
Be sure to tell us your location - which country or state.

  Money Orders and Bank Checks
  If you simply want to mail your order/payment to us (from anywhere).
  Send a Money Order or Bank Check and Include Details below:

Do Steps 1, 2, and 3 (at the top of this page)
For U.S. customers, postal Money Orders are safe, insured, convenient, and low cost.
US Postal Service Money Orders are not expensive. They are "better than cash" because if one gets lost, the USPS will reimburse you. We ship immediately when we receive USPS Money Orders - no waiting for a check to clear. 
or Postal Service
in any country
For International customers - please give us your phone numberIt might be required on the certain Customs forms - and could help get your shipment to you faster.

(We wait for checks to clear before shipping our products.)
  When sending us a Money Order or Bank Check, be sure to include your order details, as follows:

Your Name:
Your Address:
Your Phone Number(s):
Your email address:
Item Descriptions, Part Numbers, Quantities and prices:
If in California (only), Sales Tax (currently 9.00%):
The flat rate Shipping Cost (see Step 2 at the top of this page):
The Total Amount of your payment:

Send To:
Goldpoint Level Controls
1248 Valerian Court #4
Sunnyvale, CA  94086