DIY Reference    (Do-It-Yourselfer's Data)


  Pre-Attenuation - How to Get More Usable Steps for Your Stepped Attenuator
     Use Pre-Attenuation if you have too much gain: "It gets loud too soon."

Pre-Attenuation - Notes on Balancing Two Different Amplifiers & DIM Switch.

Goldpoint Selector Switch Schematics and Other Data

Goldpoint Stepped Attenuator Resistor Lists

Chart: Standard Resistor Values

Chart: Standard Resistor Color Code

DIAL Patten as used on Goldpoint SA Boxes

  Schematic: V24 Stepped Attenuator - (complete)
  Schematic: Passive Preamp and Passive Line Stage
  Schematic: Full Featured Mode Switch
  Schematic: The Goldpoint Regulated Virtual Ground Circuit *****

How to Make a Dim Switch - (-20dB cut)

Dimensions for Stepped Attenuators and Selector Switches + Mounting Data

Compare Series, Ladder, and Shunt Type Stepped Attenuators

Knob Data, Custom Machined Aluminum

Dynaco Stereo 80, Stereo 160, and PAS-4 Owner's Manuals - with schematics.

McIntosh C20 Volume control replacement - and UPGRADE ASSISTANCE.

Get The BIG Picture

Guarantee Statement for Goldpoint (tm) Products