The SA1 Passive Preamp

Goldpoint SA1

The Goldpoint SA1 is a "best sounding" no frills 100% passive preamplifier.
 The SA1's clarity, transparency and precision make it a perfect match for a 
"purist" system - such as single CD or DVD player and a power amplifier.

No distortion is added to your signal path while performing level control. 
(Active preamps add in at least some distortion.)
Goldpoint precision stepped attenuator for low noise and excellent channel-to-channel signal level matching.

Inside the SA1

Volume Control:  Goldpoint low-noise, precision Stereo 24 or 47 Position Stepped Attenuator.
Inputs & Outputs:  One set of Stereo Inputs and one set of Outputs. 
Rear Panel RCA Jacks:  Gold-plated, heavy duty solid brass.
Wiring:  High grade, silver-plated copper, multi-stranded, with Teflon jacketing.
Chassis:  Aluminium clam-shell, 1/4" front and rear panels.
Dimensions:   2.3" Tall  x  4.7" Wide  x  7.0" Long
Weight: 1 1/4 lb..

Part Number Volume Control
SA1 Stereo 24-Position Stepped Attenuator
SA1-47Stereo 47-Position Stepped Attenuator$425
SA1-LR Mono 24-Position Stepped Attenuator x 2 Chassis
SA1-LR-47 Mono 47-Position Stepped Attenuator x 2 Chassis

SA1-LR (One Mono Control per Chassis)

Note about our knob dial pattern: The Goldpoint SA box front panel dial pattern shows the numbers 0 to 23, with a dot in between each adjacent number. When a 24-position stepped attenuator is installed, each knob position points to a number. When a 47-position stepped attenuator is installed, each knob position points to a number then a dot, alternately.

Heavy duty gold plated RCA 
jacks are recessed into our 
1/4" thick rear panels.

Silver knobs (instead of Black) are a free option on all
of our Passive Preamps/Precision Level Controls.
Just ask for Silver Knobs when ordering.

EN1, EN2

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