The SA2 Passive Preamp

Goldpoint SA2

Expect the Goldpoint SA2 to out perform other passive preamplifiers with its clarity, 
transparency and precision. 100% passive, and with two selectable Inputs, the SA2 is
intended to provide superior sound quality even when replacing expensive active preamplifiers.

No distortion is added to your signal path while performing level control. 
(Active preamps add in at least some distortion.)
Selector switch: 2-position - for two signal sources. 
Goldpoint precision stepped attenuator for low noise and excellent channel-to-channel signal level matching.
LINE IN 2 / AUX can be changed easily to be:
     1) Second Line Input (factory default).
     2) Tape Output.
     3) Main Output #2.

HT Bypass is accomplished by selecting your DVD plsayer (on Input 1 or 2) and simply turning the volume control knob way up. Then use your DVD hand-held remote as the active volume control. When finished with the audio/video material, turn the passive preamp volume control knob back down to your normal level.

Inside the SA2

Volume Control:  Goldpoint low-noise, precision Stereo 24 or 47 Position Stepped Attenuator.
Selector Switch:   Goldpoint 2P-2T-1D
Inputs & Outputs:   Two Stereo sets of Inputs and one set of Outputs. 
Rear Panel RCA Jacks:  Gold-plated, heavy duty solid brass, right angle PC board style.
Wiring:  High grade, silver-plated copper, multi-stranded, with Teflon jacketing.
Chassis:  Aluminium clam-shell, 1/4" front and rear panels.
Dimensions:   2.3" Tall  x  4.7" Wide  x  7.0" Long
Weight: 1 1/2 lb..

Part Number Volume Control
SA2 Stereo 24-Position Stepped Attenuator
SA2-47 Stereo 47-Position Stepped Attenuator

Note about our knob dial pattern: The Goldpoint SA box front panel dial pattern shows the numbers 0 to 23, with a dot in between each adjacent number. When a 24-position stepped attenuator is installed, each knob position points to a number. When a 47-position stepped attenuator is installed, each knob position points to a number then a dot, alternately.

Heavy duty gold plated RCA jacks 
are recessed into our 1/4" thick rear panels.

Note: Silver knobs (instead of Black) 
are a free option on all of our Passive Preamps,
Precision Level Controls, and Input/Output Switchers.
(Just ask for Silver Knobs when ordering.)

EN1, EN2